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12-X99 Shaping Gel is a favorite product and best seller at our salon. It has a great hold while not being too hard or crunchy.  It is versatile and can be used many ways.

First, the most common is to apply a quarter size dollop onto palms of hand and work through wet, short hair for spikes or flattops.  Secondly, short styles can be blow-dried with the gel giving it a stronger hold than mousse and then finished off by using it to pinch the styled curls, allowing a more separated, pieced look.  Finally, by using just a dime size bit of gel, you can touch up the areas framing the face and neck to give it a nice wispy and polished look.

Hope you enjoyed this quick easy tutorial and have fun styling!

Thuy from Texas

This amazing salon private label Shaping Gel contains two powerful setting and volumizing agents that work together for adjustable hold and shine.  Humectants and conditioners ensure the proper moisture for maximum resilience.  Includes a shine agent to promote outstanding sheen.  Has excellent curl retention and memory. Light to medium hold.

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