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Product efficacy is of utter importance, the ability of your private label product line to produce its desired results can be easily checked by its batch number.

Flip the bottle upside down and you should see the following sequenced character like below.


 Read on to get more details on how to identify how fresh your products are!


First Character: This will always be a character of the Alphabet. The first character Alphabet stands for the month of the year. With the example above, the letter “E” stands for the month of May.


A– January       G– July

B– February     H– August

C– March          I– September

D- April            J- October

E– May              K– November

F– June             L– December


Second and Third Character: Stands for the day of the month  the formula was batched. With the example above, the formula was batched on the 9th day of May.


Fourth Character: Stands for the Year  the formula was batched.


Fifth through Tenth Character: Stands for the job number and tote numbers. For internal use only.


To circle back to one of our earlier blogs (7 Steps of Successful Private Label Retailing), we referenced Step 4 as Merchandising and Strategic Selections.

It is very important to INSPECT and DUST your salon private label merchandise EVERYDAY.  Your salons’ private label merchandise contains YOUR NAME and efficacy hinges upon YOUR REPUTATION.  If the products on the shelves are clearly separating (meaning there’s a clear liquid on top and heavy opaque liquid on the bottom) and smells rancid, it shouldn’t be on display OR even consider using it on any of your Stylist Station.  Do not risk using expired products as a promotion either!  Why circulate this among your avid followers to have them suffer through a very unpleasant experience.  There’s too much to risk if you go this route.

Should you find a product or two with these characteristics, first contact your manufacturer and give them the product batch number to see if it’s expired or not.  Save the bottles and send them back to your manufacturer to get analyzed.  Occasionally, a fragrance or one tricky raw material can unleash havoc on a product and cause its separation or extreme oxidation.

Once identified that the product is beyond its shelf-life, PLEASE DISPOSE of it.  Do not risk losing a customer from efficacy of a product that you know has expired.

For any questions or to obtain more information about starting your very own private label product line give us a call at (888) 885-6863 or you can contact us through email at marketing@awareproducts.com

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