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A great product to introduce into your Private Label line would be our Amazon Oil. This 100% VEGAN formula is also SULFATE, and PARABEN-FREE





What is Amazon Oil?



An exotic blend of Maracuja, Brazil But, and Buriti oils are used to treat and condition hair. These lightweight oils add shine and leave hair with a lustrously-smooth finish. HEATWAVE TECHNOLOGY® works as a catalyst to deliver heat into the cortex of the hair shaft while protecting the cuticle. Drying time is drastically reduced.







Cocktail #1:

Shattered Design Pomade: Private Label light flexible hold pomade

Shattered Design Pomade: light flexible hold, ultra shine

This outrageous liquid latex delivers shine, texture and control to any hair style. It’s unique dual-rheology allows it to break and reform instantly after being touched. HUMIDITY and PERSPIRATION resistant. ALCOHOL-FREE, VEGAN formula.

Adding a small amount of Amazon Oil increases flexibility and adds brilliant shine.


Cocktail #2:

Intensive Treatment Hair Masque

Delivers STRANDGUARD COMPLEX® deep into the hair shaft to maintain and protect the radiance of salon color. A power pack of anti-aging ingredients restores the strength, resilience and shine of youthful hair. This 100% VEGAN formula is PARABEN-FREE.

A small amount of Amazon Oil into the masque increases moisturizing properties and leaves hair glossy.






Intensive Treatment Hair Masque: Private Label Masque

Cocktail #3

Dimension™ Volume Foam: Private Label Foam

Volume Foam

Luxurious non-aerosol foam conditions the hair as it infuses shine, bounce and control. Lightweight formula expands each hair strand with volume and support. Leaves hair soft with rich healthy volume. HUMIDITY and PERSPIRATION resistant. ALCOHOL-FREE.

Cocktailing Amazon Oil adds hydrating and frizz fighting benefits


Cocktail #4


Two powerful setting and volumizing agents work together for adjustable hold and shine. Humectants and conditioners ensure the proper moisture for maximum resilence. Includes a shine agent to promote outstanding sheen. Has excellent curl retention and memory.

Apply combination to damp hair before blow drying. The gel increases volume, while the Amazon Oil speeds up drying time, protects the hair and adds intense shine.









Shaping Gel: Private Label light to medium hold gel

Educating your clients on your private labels product as well as there ability to work with other products leads to great hair, and increased profit.

For any questions or to obtain more information about starting your very own private label product line give us a call at (888) 885-6863 or you can contact us through email at marketing@awareproducts.com



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