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The NEWEST addition to your Private Label Hair Products!

Water-soluble hair pomade that has a creamy consistency, combs in with ease, and provides a strong grip of maximum styling flexibility. Pompadour Pomade dries with maximum support, and moderate shine.  Excellent edge control product that won’t flake while giving maximum control!

Hair Type:

All Hair Types


Start with dry or damp hair.  Apply a small amount to hair and work with fingers.  Use wide or fine tooth comb to achieve desired look.  Once intended style is achieved, finish with a fine tooth as is or blow dry to set style.

For EDGE CONTROL, can be used with dry or damp hair.   Apply dime amount and evenly distribute product on edges.  Smooth over with a brush and go!

Features and Benefits:

  • WATER SOLUBLE (washes off easily)
  • Contains our CERTIFIED ORGANIC EXTRACTS of Mallow Flower, Lemon Peel, Burdock Root, and Horsetail Fern that conditions and increase shine
  • Formulated with Plant-Derived Humectant that retain hair moisture while rejuvenating the hair for pliability and smoothness
  • Comprised of Flexible Enhancers that help prevent product flaking. While Polymers resist humidity and provides long-lasting definition and style memory.


Hot-Fill Formula only comes in 2 oz Natural Double Chamber Jar with a Black Lid.  Silver Lids is available upon request!

Contact one of our Branding Specialist and get a FREE sample today!  Check out AWARE BRANDING for more private label hair care products that help increase your Salon or Barber profit-margins!

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