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The global beauty market is a billion dollar industry and the opportunity to expand is well within reach for even the smallest salons. Creating a private label brand will set you apart from the competition and your product line will allow new and existing clients to differentiate your salon from the rest. Developing a line unique to your brand and your client base is a major step to increasing overall success within the industry.

  1. Fight Diversion:Your professional private label line will only be sold exclusively in your salon and not through unapproved retail channels.
  2. Increase Profit Margins: Establish prices and profits to suit your revenue needs. Clients will purchase products from your salon to achieve and maintain the style you provide. Product lines exclusive to your salon keeps clients coming back, creating a demand.
  3. Improve your Brand Recognition: Your name and your logo! You will have the ability to showcase a line of professional products that bear your salon’s name and provide you with the same level of quality as your national brands.
  4. Increased Customer Loyalty: Due to the increase in your credibility, customers will hold your brand to a higher authority and will have consistent perceived value from the experience your salon delivers. They will become repeat customers and also give referrals.
  5. Offering the Full Experience: You will provide your clients the full brand experience from the moment they step into your salon to when they are using your products at home. No longer separate products and services, they will merge into one!


The most profitable salons, both small and large, have a single thing in common. They have established themselves as superior in industry by building a strong brand and providing excellent products and services for their clients. Offering innovative product systems, sleek packaging, and prestigious fragrance options will only enhance the growth of your entity.

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