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Hi! I’m looking to start a product line.  I’m really interested in starting a natural and organic private label hair products for my salon. What do you have to offer and what are your minimums?  


Regularly, we get this question all the time.  Most private label hair product manufacturers will respond with, 

Yes! We can custom formulate a natural or organic private label hair product for your salon. To start the process, you will need to order 5,000 units, per size, per bottle, incur lab fees, etc., etc.

Time and time again, salons come to us and reveal that they stopped listening when they heard 5,000 units per size, per bottle.  Not all salon private label manufacturers have the same capacity in reference to offering salons the alternative to private label hair products. Within the industry, the keyword private label for salons have been jumbled up immensely.  To find the right company for your salon, note a few tips below on what you need to inquire about on your first call. Be clear on your intent to market and where you will sell your private label hair products.  Mention your realistic capacity to move retail inventory.  Start small and build a following.  Manage your expectations and choose the best private label manufacturer.


To start off, private label keyword searches on google will result in a mixture of contract manufacturing companies with a sprinkle of private label company or division of a company that offers 48 piece or less minimum per size, per bottle.  If you’re a salon owner and would like to test the water with starting your own salon private label line, start with these key questions to ensure you don’t continue to tell your story to each individual key search result on google and end up with your overheated phone without having any success while your next appointment walks in the door.

  1. I’m looking for (“hair category”) a color-safe product line, what stock formula do you have that I can purchase for 48 pieces or less?
  2. Which of these products are:
  3. What packaging options work best for products that I select?

If you start the conversation with, “I want to formulate a natural private label shampoo” you will definitely be accommodated but you won’t like the minimum or lead time that comes with formulating a product.  Contact any of our Branding Specialist for a quick consultation and get a free sample.

The term “organic” from a marketing point of view can mean many things in the beauty industry.  Highly debatable and again, not all private label manufacturers are the same.  Some will be stringent and avoid any attention from frivolous claims and some will gamble to follow market trends.

Label claims such as “organic” are subject to regulations.  Under the law, (per the FDA) information on cosmetic labeling, must be truthful and not misleading.  Remember, if you’re planning on marketing that your product, if bought by your consumer will be “treating or preventing a disease” or, affecting the structure or function of the body (including the skin), it’s classified as a “drug” according to the law.  That means it must meet the requirements for drugs, even if it affects the appearance.

Claiming a product natural or organic can be very tricky! Be cautious and get creative.

We found that when a client refers to “organic” or “natural” product line, they usually mean the following:

  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Vegan
  • No Animal Testing
  • MIT Free
  • Contains “Certified Organic Extracts”

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