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Men’s Grooming System®

A complete line of men’s grooming products that address the specific needs of a man’s skin and hair.

The Men’s Grooming System® hair products normalize the scalp, whether it tends to be oily, normal or dry. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals and work to provide the optimum environment for hair growth. Amino acids and proteins increase hair diameter. Scalp is clear and calm. Hair appears thicker and healthier.

The Men’s Grooming System® skin products are designed to address the specific issues facing a man’s skin. Men’s skin is thicker and oilier than women’s skin. It is also faced with the daily trauma of shaving. These issues require products with specific performance attributes. The Men’s Grooming System® skin products work to normalize the skin’s oil level, and each product addresses specific demands of shaving. Use of the entire system will leave skin smoother, healthier and younger looking.

Key Ingredients:
  • Red Tea and Pomegranate provide the most powerful antioxidant combination currently available to fight off the signs of aging and protect hair and skin against the environment.
  • Vitamins A, C and E help to replenish the youthful appearance of skin and hair.
  • Spearmint, Peppermint and Eucalyptus extract soothe and hydrate skin and scalp.

Hair and Scalp Cleanser

Men’s Grooming System®

Product # : 10-MGSHSC
PH Level : 5.50-6.00

This unique sulfate free cleanser alleviates heavy sebum deposits on the scalp. Natural extracts soothe dryness. Scalp condition is normalized and hair appears thicker and healthier.

Invigorating Conditioner

Men’s Grooming System®

Product # : 11-MGSIC
PH Level : 4.00-5.00

This conditioner stimulates scalp to encourage microcirculation. Expands the hair bulb to prevent hair loss and thickens the entire hair shaft. Scalp feels hydrated and calm. Hair appears thicker and healthier.

Scalp Stimulant

Men’s Grooming System®

Product # : 13-SSA
PH Level : 4.00-5.00

A leave-in stimulant that lets you feel the power of healthy hair at the root. Feel the tingle, as a blend of natural botanical extracts invigorate the root.

Mud Light

Men’s Grooming System®

Product # : 12-MGSML
PH Level : 5.50-6.00

The ideal product for today’s man. A small amount creates a carefree style. More product creates a lived in look. Provides pliable hold with a matte finish.

Total Control Hair Gel

Men’s Grooming System®

Product # : 12-MGSTC
PH Level : 6.00-7.00

Maintain total control of your style with this extreme holding hair gel. Perfect for short dramatic styles or to control longer hair for the entire day. Dries quickly, won’t flake and leaves hair with a high-shine finish.


Men’s Grooming System®

Product # : 94-WXPM2
PH Level : 5.00-6.00

Custom blended polymers provide maximum separation, texture and control with iridescent mica for shine.

Clean Sweep Facial Cleanser

Men’s Grooming System®

Product # : 14-MGSCS
PH Level : 4.00-5.00

Concentrated gel cleans and conditions skin unclogging dirt, debris and pollution from pores. Normalizes surface oil and preps beard for shaving. Skin is left smooth and clear. Beard is softened for a more comfortable shave. Essential oils hydrate and calm skin.

Close Call Shave Cream

Men’s Grooming System®

Product # : 14-MGSCCS
PH Level : 6.80-7.50

This ultra-rich formula enables a clean, close, comfortable shave without irritation. Lifts whiskers for a closer shave. Natural polymers protect skin from irritation. Essential oils soothe and calm shaved skin.