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Where do I start?

Based on your consultation with one of our Branding Specialist, we will recommend and send you a personalized sample kit.  In your consultation, share your ideas, vision, design and marketing strategy with us to ensure we can fully support your vision once we go to production.  After receiving the samples, we encourage you to contact us before sampling to ensure we can answer any questions you may have in your personalized sample kit.

As you’re sampling the products, begin renaming the products you would like to move forward with and advise your Branding Specialist for any custom back copy changes you may have.

Once you’ve selected the first few products you would like to launch, select your packaging options and send us your designs. Production begins after you approve each individual artwork.


What are your minimums to reorder?

Silk-Screened Items:

Half ounce sample size minimum is 100 pieces.  Sizes between 2 oz to 16 oz is 48 pieces per size, per bottle. 32 oz size is 24 pieces and 128 oz or Gallon is 12 pieces with a one color pass only.

Unscreened Items:

No minimums on unscreened 32 oz (liter) or 128 oz (gallon) items


What are your lead times?

Standard lead times for silkscreened items ship between five to seven business days.  Unscreened gallons ship between three to 5 business days.  Often times due to our efficiency, orders ship sooner than the standard lead time.

If I place my order today, when will you charge my credit card?

ClubCredit cards are charged when the order is ready to ship.

How do I add items to my existing private label line?

There are no limitations on adding to your existing product line.  We encourage you to launch additional products gradually.  Contact your Account Executive and we will assist you in selecting the next item on your product line.

What is Club Aware®

Club Aware® is an extensive support and reward program for our Aware Branding® salon and spa partners.  This innovative program provides the necessary tools for successfully marketing, selling your private label brand while fighting national brand diversion.

Your Account Executive is available to address any questions that you may have and to assist you in managing your benefits.

Watch How We Add Your Branding To Your Packaging!

What’s in our formulations?

Structure Control System®

From deep within the Amazon comes the technology to control the structure of human hair. The Structure Control System® with HEATWAVE TECHNOLOGY® includes a revolutionary salon treatment supported by a complete line of personalized products. Rich, luxurious formulas leave the hair smooth and full of shine with unsurpassed humidity resistance.

Key Ingredients:
  • Paraben-Free
  • HEATWAVE TECHNOLOGY® works as a catalyst to deliver heat into the cortex of the hair shaft while protecting the cuticle. This allows the style to be set more deeply into the hair providing long-lasting style retention. The heat transfer locks amino acids and peptides to the hair’s S-bonds, effectively controlling the very structure of the hair shaft to lock in style. Heat-activated conditioners and nutrients protect and soften hair during heat styling.
  • Exotic Amazon Oil of Maracuja (Passion Fruit), Brazil Nut and Buriti provides hair essential lipids, oligopeptides and fatty acids. Rich in vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy hair.
  • Black Cacao, found only in the Venezuelan region of the Amazon and loaded with poly-phenols, provides extensive antioxidant properties.
  • StrandGuard Complex® protects hair from environmental factors that can fade color and cause premature degradation of the hair structure.
  • Certified Organic Extracts add softness and shine.

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