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successful solutions


Successful Solutions

The diverse needs of your clientele demand proven, targeted formulas that provide solutions to their hair-care challenges. Aware has compiled our top-selling classic formulas to bring you Successful Solutions. Through extensive salon research, these gentle formulas have proven to offer superior performance at a value our salons and their customers appreciate.

Key Claims:
  • Salon tested
  • Top sellers
  • High performance
  • Maximum value
Private Label Conditioning Shampoo

Conditioning Shampoo

Successful Solutions

Product # : 10-BH5
pH Level : 6.00-6.50
Safe to use with Hair Extensions

A rich private label shampoo formulated for the special needs of chemically-treated hair. Nourishing concentrations of Wheat Protein, 


Private Label Daily Moisture Conditioning Rinse

Daily Moisture Conditioning Rinse

Successful Solutions

Product # : 11-B7R
pH Level : 4.00-5.00
Safe to use with Hair Extensions

This light, daily botanical private label conditioner restores moisture and shine while smoothing and sealing the hair’s sensitive

Private Label Gentle Moisture Shampoo

Gentle Moisture Shampoo

Successful Solutions

Product # : 10-B6M
pH Level : 6.20-6.80

A mild moisturizing private label shampoo super enriched with Vitamins A and E to strengthen and rejuvenate dry, damaged hair. Natural Humectants help to restore and


Private Label Protein Creme Conditioner

Protein Creme Conditioner

Successful Solutions

Product # : 11-BDC
pH Level : 4.00-5.00

Finally, a private label conditioner that conditions dry, damaged and chemically-treated hair. Three unique restructuring

Private Label Quick Lift Shampoo

Quick Lift Shampoo

Successful Solutions

Product # : 10-BP4
pH Level : 5.00-6.00

This gentle private label shampoo frees hair of build-up without stripping its natural moisture. Botanical extracts of Aloe, Chamomile, Cherry

Private Label Quick Lift Dual Action Conditioner

Quick Lift Dual Action Conditioner

Successful Solutions

Product # : 11-R80M
pH Level : 3.50-4.00

Invigorating mint private label conditioner with dual-action performance gently refreshes and

Private Label Silky Leave In Conditioner

Silky Leave In Conditioner

Successful Solutions

Product # : 11-LT44
pH Level : 4.00-5.00
Safe to use with Hair Extensions

A truly unique leave-in conditioner that actually re-texturizes hair and inhibits breakage. All hair types will benefit from the

Private Label Intensive Protein Treatment

Intensive Protein Treatment

Successful Solutions

Product # : 11-J30
pH Level : 4.00-5.00
Safe to use with Hair Extensions

Protein rich formula for extremely damaged hair improves softness, shine and body. Fortified with special nutritive compounds that

Private Label Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying Shampoo

Successful Solutions

Product # : 10-BAC
pH Level : 6.40-6.90
Safe to use with Hair Extensions

Clarifying agents combined with a special botanical blend of Citrus Extracts and Witch Hazel remove chlorine residue, buildup from

Private Label Highlight Shampoo

Highlight Shampoo

Successful Solutions

Product # : 10-S8V
pH Level : 5.60-6.20
Safe to use with Hair Extensions

An enriched shampoo formulated to tone down brassiness in bleached or tinted hair and neutralize yellow tones in white or gray hair. This unique shampoo bursts into a rich lather cleansing hair as it adjusts color. Hair is soft and manageable with shimmering highlights. Natural proteins add body and gloss. Designed for blonde, highlighted or gray hair.  

Private Label Protein Spray Conditioner

Protein Spray Conditioner

Successful Solutions

Product # : 11-TPS
pH Level : 3.80-4.80

This unequaled 100% VEGAN leave-in conditioner instantly detangles, conditions and restores body. Three unique restructuring proteins condition the inner and outer layers of the hair shaft adding strength and elasticity to hair. Essential product for maintaining healthy hair by protecting it during styling.

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