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Private Label Four-Step Process

The four-step process we use to formulate, design and package your custom private label hair salon products

Step 1: Consultation We help you determine the best product selection for your salon.

Step 1: Consultation

Your dedicated Branding Specialist will conduct a detailed interview to determine the most effective salon professional product selection. Together, we will identify and recommend which core private label hair care products should be launched in your first phase of becoming a brand. 

private label hair care products

Step 2: Package Selection

After identifying your first phase of products from your personalized sample kit, your Branding Specialist will guide you through the type of packaging that would best suit your personalized brand identity and aesthetic appearance. It is very important that your selection shows off your salons creativity, marketing strategy and protects the efficacy of each product.

private label hair care products

Step 3: Design

Whether you have an existing design or you are starting from the beginning, we will give you a complimentary illustration to show you how your vision can come to life. Based on your initial consultation about your personalized private label brand, we will combine your vision and concept to your logo, product layout and marketing story. We will help to develop a creative strategy behind your brand that will stand up against the biggest brands in the industry. 

Step 4: Production -- Your brand comes to life

Step 4: Production

Upon editing, final revisions and design approval for each of the items in your personalized brand, we will order your components, print the film, create silk screens, screen each component and begin the production of your line.  Batching, silk-screening and filling each sku (per size, per bottle) of your custom private label hair care line can take up to 14 business days for 12 or more sku’s in the beginning.

Private Label Hair Care History

Aware Branding commenced the concept of private label over 40 years ago.

With its uninterrupted continuous success, Aware Branding reinvents and revolutionizes private label to different heights once again! From the outdated model and marketing concept of private label products and design, Aware Branding continues to support the salon industry with professional-grade formula and marketing and merchandising support. Aware Branding incessantly remains true to the salon industry by rising against national brand diversion.

Additionally, we offer salon professional products with unlimited benefits of marketing and merchandising support, higher profit-margin and becoming diversion-proof while personalizing every step of your vision from concept to product distribution.


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