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Who We Are

Bob Miller and John Carmel, two successful celebrity hairstylists, launched Aware Products in 1974 to address the challenges their salons were facing with national brand sellouts. Their mission was to provide superior products exclusively packaged for salons and to give control over the retail environment back to salon owners.

Today, Aware Products is dedicated to helping beauty professionals create a custom line of luxury products with the distinction of having their prestigious name. Our products, manufactured and produced in the United States, also provide salon and spa owners with the benefits of high profit margins and diversion-proof distribution.

We believe that no two salons are alike. Our state-of-the-art formulations are designed to enable professionals to establish prices and profits that match their revenues, while creating a brand that supports and reinforces their image.

Our product quality and performance exceeds our competitors and our innovative packaging, artwork design, display and promotion is unmatched in the salon private label industry.

The Aware Community

Aware Products is committed to being a positive impact in our community by providing a stable environment for employees to ensure their success, while striving to offer continued employment opportunities. With multiple employees celebrating their 30+ year anniversary with Aware, we value our employees and encourage longevity and security. We genuinely care about their professional and personal wellbeing.

Aware Products is nothing without our incredible team. Their hard work and dedication makes the company what it is today. Their commitment is the result of why we are able to provide excellent service and produce amazing products for our customers. We are tremendously thankful for our team and all that they do every day!

Charitable Outreach

Giving back is important to Aware Products. We donate charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations and foundations to create a lasting difference and strengthen our communities.

The nonprofits we donate to are: Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation, UC Berkley Foundation, and the Wexner Center Foundation.

Don’t Be Shy

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