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Bob Miller and John Carmel, two successful celebrity hairstylists, launched Aware Products in 1974 to address the challenges their salons were facing with national brand sellouts. Their mission was to provide superior private label hair products exclusively packaged for salons and to give control over the retail environment back to salon owners. Our division philosophy revolves around the success of our customers.  We believe that our success hinges upon becoming the customers retail product partner through a consultative approach from concept to launch. For over 40 years, Aware Branding offers a variety of private label salon professional shampoos, conditioners, styling and spa products that directly competes with your existing national brand offerings.

  Four-Step Process


Your dedicated Branding Specialist will conduct a detailed interview to determine the best product selection for your salon. We will ascertain how you would like to convey your personalized professional hair care, spa or skin care brand in the market. Your existing type of clientele, following, environment, e-commerce and store front presence are taken in consideration when we start to guide you on the type of products and packaging type we recommend you start with. From our vast library of formulas benchmarked from the top selling brands, we will prepare a sample kit that is tailored to your brand vision and product performance ideals.

After identifying your first phase of products from your personalized sample kit, your Branding Specialist will guide you through the type of packaging that would best suit your personalized brand identity and aesthetic appearance. We will also guide you through which packaging to select to ensure the product efficacy, aesthetics and cost-efficiency continuously meets your vision and necessity.

Whether you have an existing design or you are starting from scratch, we will give you a complimentary illustration to show you how your vision can come to life. Based on your initial consultation about your personalized private label brand, we will combine your vision and concept to your logo, product layout and marketing story. We will help to develop a creative strategy behind your brand that will stand up against the biggest brands in the industry.

Upon editing, final revisions and design approval for each of the items in your personalized brand, we will order your components, print the film, create silk screens, screen each component and begin the production of your line. Once production is complete, your new brand begins.


When you find a product that you like, keep using it until it lets you down. I found a shampoo that I love and it has never let me down. I use a small amount daily and get a clean and refreshing feeling to start my day. It has been my best seller for over 30 years.


Client came in today with some badly broken , curly hair, so we freshened her up with some color and finished her off with smoothing potion cocktailed with amazon serum and finished her with some amazon oil mist!


Foxy Mama Mousse is my go to for fine limp hair. Creates body and hold and makes drab hair become full of body fabulous!


Leave It: Not only is the Leave in protectant a great de-tangler and uv protectant, it’s awesome
prior to color application. I love to use it as a porosity filler before color. It makes color application easier and also makes all over color more even. A great product for every day use and as a tool!

  Don’t Be Shy

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